Blogging is a Responsibility (And About this Blog)

I wanted to introduce this blog and explain its name.  Why do I think blogging a responsibility?

Speaking only for myself…

I have learned much and I keep on learning.  I think about what I have learned, apply it, and sometimes draw connections between disparate fields.  As a result, I think I have some knowledge to contribute, even if some of that is just another way of explaining something that may make sense to people who never understood the traditional explanations.

So what happens if I never share this knowledge?  Well, I eventually will die and all this knowledge will vanish.  Sure, I enjoyed it while alive, but what greater impact did it have?  To make this learning meaningful, I have to share it.

Thus the name of this blog.  A better name would have been “Sharing Knowledge is a Responsibility”, but I didn’t want to get overly long.

I don’t think I am unique.  Others have something useful to say.  Like me, they may have no impressive credentials, book titles or other recognition, but this doesn’t mean much.  If they think they can add constructive, unique (or uncommon) information, I think it’s a responsibility to share it.  Even sharing the occasional link could be enough.

Granted, the more people that blog, the harder it will be to sift through the information.  But what is the alternative?  Other than finding equally open media (almost by definition, online), I cannot think of any.

What about mistakes?  I don’t want to make a mistake and look like an idiot.  However, I also cannot wait until I have absolute certainty because I don’t think I ever will.  But I cannot mislead either.  The only alternative is to put the information out there, encourage comments and hope my skin is thick enough if I’m called out on something.  I also will have to hope I am man enough to accept corrections, not fight because I’m attached to pet theories and if I ultimately find that I didn’t really have much to contribute, back down from my blog and at least take solace in the knowledge that I tried to help.  Even if my post gets ripped, but it gets people talking and producing new ideas, that is a contribution.

One final thing.  I mentioned constructive information a few times.  I think the information we should share is information that can be used to create or improve things.  So for example, just complaining about traffic is not constructive, but a unique idea on addressing some traffic issues is.

I hope those of you who have some information to share will start your own blogs.

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