The Squashed Philosophers (and Euclid)

No, this isn’t a horror movie or (depending on your opinion of philosophers) a heart-warming comedy. Rather, it’s a site with condensed versions of philosophical texts. They’ve got Kant, Bacon, Euclid (yes, Euclid) and many more. Sadly, Eastern Philosophy is under-represented.

Many works have squashed (shortened) and very squashed (really shortened) versions.

Speaking of Euclid, their condensed edition is really condensed, and I highly recommend spending some time with it if you have any interest in logic, arguments, geometry or mathematics:

Euclid’s main claim to fame was attempting to axiomatize geometry. He started with self-evident geometrical truths, and using only those (and previously established proofs), proved other truths. Well sort of; he actually let some assumptions creep in. But he was successful enough to be regarded as the canonical example of this style of reasoning, and was a big influence on generations of philosophers, mathematicians and scientists.

In fact, you get a 3-for-1 by studying some Euclid. You get to see Geometry…

  1. As a logical system
  2. As a constructive science
  3. Without numbers!


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